Ultimate Guide For Choosing The Best Lighting Solutions For Your Home

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It can be tricky to choose the appropriate lighting solutions for your different residential rooms. This is especially the case when lighting suppliers in Dubai or your area have these products in a wide range. If you have ever visited a lighting store, you would have found dim lights, bright lights, hanging lights, chandelier lights, LED lights and many other options there.

Not every lighting type matches all areas of a house. For instance, a simple and contemporary ceiling light does not match with antique furniture in a residential room. Here, as a building material shop Dubai based, we will discuss what some of the rooms should have in the way of lighting solutions.


As the entrance is what your visitors will see first when coming into your house, you would like to make it inviting and welcoming. Using a group of accent lights and task lights means shedding brightness in some areas of this space. So, instead, consider installing a chandelier amid the ceiling; it will work well, especially, with a tall ceiling. Is your ceiling tall? If so, go for a product from lighting suppliers in Dubai that gives off a warm hue.

Living Room

Your living room may be designed with relaxation or entertainment in mind. Even so, you would like to be capable of accessing bright lighting if need be. Here, table lamps, sconces and floor lamps are among the best options for you. Dimmer switches can be great for lighting in this room too. Using these switches will also allow putting the bright fixture on and dimming it as per the prevailing mood in your room. You can find the switches from building material and lighting suppliers in Dubai too.


Warm lighting is just what you want in the bedroom. You would like to keep task lighting the centerpiece of the bedroom so that you can read and relax, or watch TV with an active lamp near your bedside furniture.
Just like living rooms, your bedroom may work well with dimmer switch lights. If you go for the switch from any of the best lighting suppliers in Dubai, you could have the bright light on an as-needed basis, such as when cleaning.


It is potentially challenging to light up the kitchen, because its different areas here necessitate different lighting solutions. For example, you would like to use a bright light over your free-standing kitchen cabinet but a dimmer one in a less-used area of this room. Does it have a stunning kitchen island/cabinet, an open drinking space or an extensive sink? If so, pendant lighting would be the best bet for you in terms of style and function.


The bath is another place in which lighting is a must-have feature. As one of the electrical shops in Dubai, we would recommend installing bright LED lighting or sconces above bathroom mirrors, since these are the focus areas here.

Remember, The Final Choice Is Yours

Alongside the different lighting types, we have given some examples for the products to use in the various areas of a residence. Now, it is up to you to decide what will work best for your location. No matter what product you plan to go for, you can rest assured that our building material shop Dubai will further help you with the best choice.

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