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We operate a hardware tools shop in Dubai that collaborates with quality brands such as Dewalt, Black & Decor, Boral, Hitachi, Bosch, Stanley, Makita, Protech, J-TECH, and Taparia. All of these brands manufacture tools following the top international standards as well.

We have been supplying top-quality products from leading brands in the world for over 20 years at extremely competitive prices. Our hardware equipment inventory is known for protecting workers from life-threatening dangers as well. You can easily find our products to be of use at buildings, warehouses, heavy ships, farms, fire stations, hospitals as well as many sports and leisure environments. Whichever form of project that you want to work on, you can find the tools that you require to perform the job from our store. From power tools and hand tools to other types of hardware, our store carries what you are seeking.

As an operator of a hardware tools shop in Dubai, we know that everyone requires a quality set of tools to fix breakdowns and for other repairs. You will need those when power tools are too large to work in a pretty tight spot. Our store for hardware tools Dubai customers carries everything from saws and hammers to screwdrivers and more. Just browse through our collection and you will be amazed by how awesome it is. If you are seeking a specific type of hand tool, we may be carrying it.

At Plaza Middle East, we offer a wide variety of products, including but not limited to plumbing solutions, building materials, and electrical equipment. You might have found us when searching for home improvement products, but remember that we offer more than just what your average hardware tools shop in Dubai does. You are unlikely to find many of our products at a chain store. For our sheer variety, many regard us as a one-stop destination for all their hardware, construction and electrical needs.

We act as an authorized distributor of hardware tools and other products of quality local and international brands. We offer our customers an extensive selection of electrical equipment, construction materials and so forth. Whether you prefer local or international tiles for the areas of your location like the kitchen and bathroom, we have lots of options for you to pick from. Take a look at our tiles section, and you will find that with us, you will only be spoilt for choice.

For years, we have been maintaining a high product selection and standard of service for shoppers. This explains why people who do business with our hardware tools shop in Dubai trust our service standard and product quality. Whether you are a professional, a small-timer or a big-time contractor, we believe we have what it takes to meet your requirements. We can help you with any queries that you might have to discover the best hardware tools Dubai products or the best materials for your job or project.

To offer you the best assistance possible, we boast an accommodating and knowledgeable team of professionals who can tackle a multitude of customer queries. Our sales personnel are well-trained as well as capable of answering questions and handling requirements most professionally. We have been in the building materials and hardware tools Dubai business for a long time now, but we feel that our journey is just started. There is still a long way to go.

We only offer ISO qualified tools for small and large businesses with advanced carpentry, welding, testing, and equipment. As the leading exporter and importer of tools in the UAE, we have a large inventory of stocks and offer extremely short ordering times.

In order to track procurement and production, we employ Quality Control Inspectors. In addition to doing regular safety audits, the inspectors test construction criteria, power, longevity, reliability, durability, corrosion, resistance to effects, finish and finesse.

We are acknowledged as one of the leading hardware tools Dubai suppliers with an emphasis on customer loyalty and expertise. Please visit our website or call us at (+9714) 2510881 to find out more about the items we sell.

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What are my payment options?

It is advisable to check out with our experts regarding the different payment options available. You can feel free to call on +9714 2510881

You can even fill the question form on or write to us at or

What are the best power tool brands available?


Which cordless power tool batteries last the longest?

Most of the branded batteries are of the best quality. However, it is recommended that the batteries are recharged on reaching 70% of their capacity. The retention of a charged battery could be done by completely discharging the battery once a month.

What are the types of Hand Tools?

We supply all the hardware tools in Dubai with supreme quality. Our range of power tools, hand tools, gypsum fittings, hardware fittings, safety shoes, and safety accessories is wide and whichever products you are looking for, we will be supplying them to you.

Which safety shoes are the best?

You can consult our specialists regarding your requirements and they will guide you for the best available hardware tools in Dubai.

Where can safety shoes be used?

The places where the static current is used require safety shoes. These are used for the prevention of electric sparks and to reduce the accumulation of static current on the body.