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Are you searching for tiles and sanitary ware in Dubai market? If so, you have come to the right place. Plaza Middle East General Trading LLC is among the biggest suppliers of natural stone floor tiles and other flooring products from popular brands. We supply the products of AL Shams, RAK Ceramics, Fujairah Ceramics and other brands. The Plaza team collaborates closely with interior designers, architects, and other people seeking product recommendations and guidance. Our collaborations and more than 20 years of industry experience allow us to continuously rank as one of the best floor tiles Dubai suppliers as well.

Tips to Pick the Right Tiles for Your Place of Accommodation

Are you seeking tiles and sanitary ware in Dubai city? If so, you would be happy to know that there is a broad variety of residential flooring options for you to pick from. Therefore, it can be tricky for a first-time customer to select the best option for their residence. So, it is important to consider factors such as durability, aesthetics, cost and so forth for the right choice. You can use the following guide to simplify choosing the best floor tiles Dubai too.

What We Have In Stock

Natural Stone

Every single piece of natural stone is unique, making all flooring applications unique too. It can offer your living space an eternal and direct association with nature, unlike other building materials. Another benefit of picking natural stone is that it is an eco-friendly option. Natural stone options include granite and marble products that come as floor tiles. That said, almost every natural stone type is porous, so protecting its surfaces requires treating it periodically with a quality sealing agent.

You might have reached this page after searching for suppliers of marble granite near me as well. Marble stone is a durable and traditional architectural material suitable for various applications, including kitchen vanities and countertops. A marble countertop is heat resistant, too, so it can work well for a kitchen with much baking. Walking on marble flooring on a hot day will bring a cooling effect to your soles, thereby offering the least possible protection from UAE heat waves. This is perhaps why you are here after googling marble granite near me or a similar query. Nevertheless, marble flooring installation requires more skill, time, and energy than its granite counterpart.

Granite is another durable countertop and flooring material. It can resist stains, such as stains from acidic food items, making it an ideal option for kitchen countertops as well. People mainly choose marble flooring for its natural beauty and uniqueness. No two marble slabs are identical, allowing for stunning and diverse designs and patterns. It can also work as a wonderful heat conductor. This means it intensely draws heat waves away from the body, thereby helping to keep the feet cool. Therefore, like marble, people who live in hot climates often choose granite flooring. We are a well-known granite and marble flooring supplier with a wide range of luxury tile options for UAE customers.

Vitrified Flooring

The tiles come with designs replicating marble grain patterns or in the form of plain tiles. These products are also available in different forms, comprising double charge, full body, glazed body, and soluble salt options. Two color pigments are blended to make double charge tiles. Soluble salt tiles have appealing tile patterns. Full body tiles have uniform color all over the tile. Glazed body tiles come with an extra sparkly finish.

The advantages of the flooring option are that it is strong, non-porous, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean and durable. That said, it is worth noting that vitrified tiles flooring is very slippery, particularly when wet, and not environmentally friendly. Manufacturing the tiles entails spending much carbon dioxide and energy, making it a non-environmentally-friendly choice.

Porcelain Tiles and Ceramic Tiles

The tiles come to the market in small and large forms as well as with a range of colors, textures and patterns. These are among the best-known tiling options, especially for apartments in Dubai city. Both tile types are made from clay, and these simplify floor installation and maintenance, but porcelain flooring is denser and stronger than the ceramic option. Both are available as glazed, unglazed, digital and rectified tiles. Glazed tiles offer extra protection for flooring that lasts longer, whereas the unglazed options will give your floor a rustic and artistic finish.

Both tiling options are useable in multiple residential rooms, so you should consider numerous factors when picking between the two. Porcelain tiles cost more than ceramic tiles but have comparatively higher quality. Therefore, you should think about how much to spend on your flooring installation for the right choice from floor tiles Dubai supplier too.

Terrazzo Tiles

As a material, terrazzo is utilized for both flooring and walls. With its luxurious feel and stunning look, each piece of terrazzo tile will contribute to changing the appearance of your room. Terrazzo construction options are available in different forms, comprising sand cushion, rustic and epoxy. Sand cushion-type terrazzo is more commonly utilized for flooring than the other options.

As a house owner, you would like to have the most stylish and durable flooring material for your residence. There tends to be some compromise at play in making this decision. While some homeowners prefer a great-looking material that may not be too durable, others like spending on one that will last longer. With terrazzo, you have the best of both worlds, so to speak. It is among the materials that could last for centuries without losing its shine if polished well. Nevertheless, it is no inexpensive flooring option.

Cement Tiles

Are you seeking a more vintage-looking flooring option? If so, you might want to think about doing business with a cement floor tiles Dubai supplier. The tiles are among the eco-friendly, easy to maintain and durable flooring options. Nevertheless, these are porous products, which calls for the periodical sealing of the flooring made with them. Another con of the tiling option is that it is not perfect for an outdoor space.

With us, there is an exquisite tile collection, with conventional to modern design options for you to pick from. For any help in choosing floor tiles Dubai, feel free to contact us by telephone or email and we will do our best to simplify your final selection.

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What should I look for when buying floor tiles?

While choosing your floor tiles in Dubai, you must research the best designs and choose the trusted provider for the flooring. Whether it is the first-time installation or revamping the previous flooring, it is important to choose the tiles that match all your requirements. We install the floor tiles in the most professional way to give a great look and fulfill the functional aspects of a place. Our experts guide you in making the appropriate selection of all types of tiles at your pre-defined budget.

The important aspects to look for floor tiles in Dubai are durability, quality, appearance, and other important requirements.

• Size: It is one of the most important factors demanding your attention. You must choose the size of the floor tiles according to the area of installation. Larget tiles make any area appear bigger.
• Finishing: The selection of tiles can be done as per their finishing: polished, glossy, wooden, metallic, marble-type, rustic, matte, and the other types depending on the overall décor of your house. There are anti-skid tiles available for considering the resistance to water that is mainly used for kitchen or bathroom areas.
• Material: Floor tiles are available with different materials. The most common tile material options are ceramic, glass, cement, mosaic, and vitrified. Tiles are available in different colours, designs, and patterns. The material of tiles determines its wear and tear capabilities along with the durability of aesthetic appearance.
• Maintenance: If a place has a heavy footfall, you can look for options that are easy to clean and maintain. You can’t change flooring quite often and hence, the installation must be made with expert guidance.
• Appearance: Flooring changes the overall look of your home and looking for the best options for a blend of attractive looks and premium quality makes the right selection for interiors.

What are the different types of tiles?

We provide the best types of floor tiles, marbles, and granites. The tiles are available in different materials and finishing, including ceramic tiles, artificial stones, pure marble and granite, mosaic tiles, porcelain tiles, tile adhesives, and grouts. We supply the tiles of all the premium brands, including RAK Ceramics, Fujairah Ceramics, Al Shams, etc.

What’s the Difference Between Floor Tile and Wall Tile?

Floor tile is made with thicker and harder raw material for withstanding appliances, foot traffic, and furniture. These tiles contain additive textures for the reduction of the risks of slipping off. On the other hand, wall tiles are thinner, smoother, and delicate than floor tiles. These become slicker on getting wet. Hence, the tiles are not recommended to be used underfoot.

We offer all the tiles for different purposes to be installed at various locations in the residential or commercial areas. Our experts will assist you to make choice for the sanitary ware in Dubai and give the most reliable options to choose the tiles and other equipment for any place.

Is Floor Tile Waterproof?

The companies acclaim that the floor tiles are waterproof but in reality, no floor tiles are 100% waterproof. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are considered waterproof. If water is splashed on the tiles, the water lands on the surface till it is wiped off. There is no large amount of water being absorbed and the good quality tiles do not leave any marks. The tiles are considered waterproof but water shouldn’t be allowed to stand on any tiles.

What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are manufactured differently. Both tiles are made from the clay mixture fired in the kiln. However, the quality of clay used in both cases is different. Porcelain tiles are made up of refined clay and fired at high temperatures that make them dense and more durable than the ceramic version. The durability of a ceramic tile is higher than the porcelain tile with a lesser water absorption rate.

Is ceramic tile a durable material?

Ceramic tiles are widely used and have adequate durability. It is better to avoid the use of ceramic tiles in areas exposed to too much moisture as porcelain tiles are used at such places. Generally, ceramic tiles can even bear wear and tear but you must take suggestions from the experts from our company regarding the place, use, and budget you own for installation of tiles.

Can floor tiles be installed on walls? Or wall tiles on floors?

Wall tiles can not be used on the floor as they are thinner and can’t bear the rough use on the floor. However, floor tiles could be used on the walls but these are the heavier variants and could be placed only if the wall can bear the weight of the tile. There are large-format flooring tiles available that could be used on the wall or the floor to give a unique look to the place.

We have a huge range of tiles that could be incorporated into the new buildings or the existing locations for renovation.

Are ceramic tiles non-slip?

Ceramic tiles with smooth surfaces could be slippery. However, the anti-skid vitrified tiles are resistant to moisture and are not slippery. When these get wet, the tiles pre-empts to skid.

Do marble and granite go together?

Yes. There is no rule that natural stones can’t be used together. If you want to make a different look for the flooring of any place, you may think about choosing blended stones or tiles to give a different interior appearance. Our experts can help you to choose the different stones for a particular place.

What is the difference between marble and granite?

Marble and Granite are the two natural stones that are widely used in homes and commercial locations. It is important to discuss these stones and the area where you want to place them by consulting with the experts from Plaza Middle East. Despite having similarities of being natural stones, marble and granite have some differences. Your decision for the installation of marble and granite counters depends on their placement location and the way you will use and maintain them.

Granite is a popular material for kitchen and bathroom countertops for its hardness. It is called an igneous rock as granite originates by solidification and cooling process of magma deep within the earth over a million years.

On the other hand, marble is classified as metamorphic stone as it is created by the transformation of sedimentary stone. It is made by the impact of sedimentary rocks in the earth with buried plant life over a long period. The intense heat and pressure in the rocks can give attractive colours to the stone. The major component of marble is calcium carbonate.

Appearance: Granite colour variations come in flakes and marble colour variations are like colourful vein structures through the stones.

Durability & Strength: Both materials are long-lasting but it is important to choose the right material to be placed at the appropriate location to get the maximum benefits. The hardness of Granite is 6-7 and for marble, it is 3-5 on Mohs scale.

Porous Nature: Marble is porous and absorbs some high citric foods and liquids like sauces, wine, vinegar, lemons, etc. However, granite resists all those stains as it is non-porous and hence, installed in kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Sealants: Marble and granite require sealing in a proper way that could be done only by experts for preventing any damage.

Safer cleaning: Granite counters are easy to clean and marble requires more careful cleaning to avoid damage to the porous stone.

Discuss the practical installation with Plaza Middle East General Trading experts and they will guide you in the best way to choose the best flooring material for the different places.

What are the popular brands of sanitary wares in Dubai?

We only work with the best brands for sanitary ware in Dubai. We are presently supplying products from RAK Ceramics, Grohe, Excel, Laticrete, and RAK Kludi and we work professionally for supplying all the sanitaryware for residential and commercial purposes.

Which brand of sanitary brands is the best?

Plaza Middle East General Trading Company deals with the best sanitary ware brands in Dubai. They supply the products of the premium brands like RAK Ceramics, Grohe, Excel, Laticrete, and RAK Kludi.