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We have rapidly become one of the finest MK and Legrand switches Dubai suppliers. We focus on offering our customers innovative and market-leading products at affordable rates. Our wide collection of switches in Dubai ticks all the boxes with the collaboration of leading brands like MK, Legrand, Schneider, Tenby, Ardmore, Novex, ABB, Edison, and Panasonic. Today’s customers emphasize more on making their electrical outlets in harmony with interior structures. Therefore, modular switch brands are all the rage. That said, as a supplier of switches in Dubai, we know that performance and quality matter as much as design aspects.

We have products with high quality, protection, and practicality in terms of design and style. We believe that your passion for sleek and elegant solutions can be unified by our range of switches and sockets. It pays to choose from reliable electrical brands with guaranteed products on offer, such as MK switches in Dubai to name one brand. MK Electric is a Honeywell brand and is among the leading producers of wiring devices. MK Electric has long been synonymous with safe, reliable and quality electrical goods for commercial, industrial or domestic applications. These are among the reasons why customers seek MK switches in Dubai city too.

On the other hand, Legrand is an international brand specializing in network and electrical solutions. The comprehensive solutions for residential, industrial and commercial customers make Legrand a benchmark brand for customers around the world. The portfolio of Legrand includes designer outlets and switches as well as smart lighting products. The company’s product line has the kind of technology that allows delivering smart lighting benefits with unprecedented flexibility and reliability. Therefore, many customers seek Legrand switches Dubai suppliers, such as Plaza.

Following are the features of our quality switches and sockets:

  • Easy to install
  • Double and single socket sizes are available
  • Provides both impact and airborne sounds with an effective acoustic barrier
  • Maintains the wall’s fire safety efficiency to stop or postpone the spread of fire
  • It prevents or delays fire from entering a wall cavity and attacking the foundation of the house
  • To accommodate all common socket box styles, the inserts are pre-formed
  • Simple and fast mechanical attachment, no adhesives, no mess
  • It can be retrofitted or mounted during wall construction on existing sockets/switches
  • Replaces the time-consuming lining of plasterboard sockets/switches
  • If additional wiring is required, the Socket Box insert can be removed and replaced
  • The single flanged design keeps the insert of the socket box in place during a fire

We are the most local of global businesses; our unparalleled bonding to you helps us better understand, predict and adjust with agility to help your business continuity in all we do with strong ethical standards.

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