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We own a switchgear trading business that supplies our wide customer base around the country with electrical switchgear products. We are a go-to switch gears & accessories Dubai supplier with large stocks, global tie-ups, logistics, and excellent customer support. We offer flexible cables, ELCB, MCB, MCCB, timers, isolators, capacitors, busbar, contactors, relays, starters, panelboards, DB boxes, waterproof boxes, switches, sockets and so forth.

Every day the new design and functionality of our stock of plugs in Dubai are updated with the collaboration of leading brands so that our customers get exactly what they want. The brands we work with include ABB, Hager, Eaton MEM, Scame, Gewiss, Havells, Schneider, Alfanar, Gentrix, Schrack, RR Kabel, and Pollmann. Our vast industry experience has made us conscious of the specifications and complexities of electrical equipment. Thus, our wide range of powerful components is used for each installation phase to keep your properties and your life safe and secure.

As a switch gears & accessories Dubai supplier, we understand the importance of value for money and long-lasting ties. Therefore, our dealerships of plugs in Dubai are not focused on the fast trade of products but on the brand that offers you the highest value.

Switchgear can do more than just helping to protect your location against dangerous and costly system failures. Switchgear can offer useful information about the condition of an electrical system that can aid a business in minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. When purchasing switchgear equipment to use at home or your business location, consider whether the devices will satisfy your requirements.

The requirements of your location will dictate which equipment is applicable the most. A commercial building will use its electrical system differently from how a big industrial site would use it. So, evaluate the power consumption and needs of your location. Making these kinds of considerations can aid you in working towards the best possible solution.

Our polite and knowledgeable staff can help you to receive the best buying advice whenever you face a problem. Furthermore, our engineers ensure that after quality control every product is shipped to maintain its smooth operation.

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What is switchgear and how does it work?

Electrical switchgear is a collection of circuit protection devices such as fuses, switches, or circuit breakers in a metallic enclosure. The circuit protection devices distribute power to various facility sections and the electrical loads within those sections. The major components of switchgear are switches, isolators, auto reclosures, lightning arrestors, current transformers, control panels, protective relays, circuit breakers, and other associated equipment. Switchgear can de-energize the equipment for allowing the work to be done and clear the faults.

Working: Switchgear protects devices like fuses, relays, circuit breakers, switches, etc. The device makes the operating devices without causing any damage to the systems. Switchgears can protect the electrical equipment from getting damaged. Switchgears can clear the faults downstream and buying plugs in Dubai from our company can be beneficial for saving your electrical appliances

What are the essential features of switchgear?

Essential features of switchgear are:

  1. Reliability: Switchgears obtain the power system for improved reliability. In case of any fault, the electrical system operates by isolating the faulty section from the normal circuit.
  2. Distinguishing the faulty point: On finding any fault in the power system, the switchgear can isolate the faulty section from the system for continuing the uninterrupted supply.
  3. Rapid Operation: Switchgear must operate quickly for the parts of the system to avoid any damage done to the equipment, generators, and transformers. If the fault is not cleared, it could endanger the other parts by completely shutting down the system.
  4. Manual control: Switchgear provides manual control apart from the electrical control. If the electrical control failure occurs, the necessary operations can be carried out by manual control.

How does the switchgear give protection?

Switchgear is itself a protector. It is directly linked to the power system and placed on the high and low voltage sides of the power transformer. It can de-energize the equipment for testing and maintenance, along with clearing the fault manually. We supply by best plugs in Dubai to protect your electrical systems and remove the faults on occurrence.

What are low voltage switch gears?

Low-voltage switch gears are the three-phased power distributed products that aim at giving reliable power supply with safe and efficient power solutions (up to 1000 V and 6000 A). The low-voltage switchgear is found on the secondary side of the power distribution transformer. We supply the plugs in Dubai for the low-voltage areas and install them to the location in the most trusted way.

These are mainly used in critical process applications, like heavy industries, manufacturing units, healthcare, data center, water treatment, petrochemical, utility, metals, and mining industry.

Can we use plug sockets without switches?

There are options available for using plug sockets without switches but practically, it is convenient to have switches. You can turn on and off the devices t your own will. Moreover, it reduces the chance to get stuck with wire conducting electricity from that socket. Turning off the switch is easier than unplugging.