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Plaza Middle East General Trading LLC offers a line of sanitaryware products from some of the world’s best brands, including GROHE, LATICRETE, Kludi RAK, and Excel. Our sanitaryware product line includes bathroom fittings in Dubai. Are you looking to transform the look and feel of your bath? If so, you would be glad to know that we offer smart, stylish and modern bathroom solutions with a focus on sophistication, durability, comfort and hygiene.

Sanitary fittings are the products fitted on top of the main components of the room, called the fixtures. The term ‘bathroom fixtures’ refers to the permanent elements that are wired in or plumbed as well as detachable only when you seek to renovate down the road. The durability of bathroom fixtures and sanitary fittings is among the factors to consider when buying the products. As we work with the world’s leading brands, you can rest assured that you will get sanitary fittings Dubai products that can last for a long time.

The style of a bathroom determines what forms of fittings it requires. A contemporary bathroom design requires minimalist and more modern designs. On the other hand, a conventional décor possibly means intricately detailed bathroom accessories featuring ceramic inlays. There are numerous brands in the UAE market that provide taps, faucets and so forth that may match your favorite types and styles. No matter what project you do, confirm that your sanitaryware products are also coordinated with bath accessory ranges that match with those.

Almost every bathroom fitting brand available in the market uses water-saving technologies. For instance, we also deal in bathroom fittings of KLUDI RAK that allow conserving energy consumption and the use of water. All of KLUDI RAK’s fittings have the characteristics that enable saving up to 60% of water. It is important to choose sanitary fittings Dubai items such as showers and taps that provide optimum and uniform water flow, aiding you in saving water.

For more guidance on bathroom fittings in Dubai, you can contact us at (+9714) 2510881 or through email, and our team will help you make more informed selections.

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What brands of bathroom accessories do you carry?

Plaza Middle East General Trading LLC offers bathroom accessories in Dubai that include a variety of applications in workplaces, hotels, medical centers, schools, general toilets, sports centers, malls, and other places.

We only trust the best brands and sell the bathroom accessories for RAK Ceramics, RAK Kludi, Grohe, Laticrete, and Excel.

Which are the best bathroom accessories distributors in the UAE?

Plaza Middle East General Trading LLC is the renowned name in the distribution of the best bathroom accessories in Dubai and UAE. We provide the best bathroom accessories at the best prices in UAE.

How do you install bathroom accessories?

Plaza Middle East General Trading LLC can give you design specifications with the best bathroom fittings in Dubai. The unique bathroom concepts are available for a variety of applications like homes, offices, hotels, medical centers, malls, sports centers, public toilets, and almost every place. The bathroom accessories are installed by experts working with a dedicated and experienced approach. Our staff is highly experienced and can handle any project with perfection.

What is the cost of bathroom accessories?

The cost of bathroom accessories in Dubai depends on the products and installation packages chosen by the clients. Plaza Middle East General Trading offers Bathroom fittings in Dubai at the discounted prices as they are the leading distributors of premium bathroom fitting brands in the UAE.

Which is the best brand for bathroom accessories?

RAK Ceramics, RAK Kludi, Grohe, Laticrete, and Excel are the premium brands for bathroom accessories in UAE and we are the leading distributors of bathroom accessories for all these brands.

What should I consider when purchasing sanitary ware?

A reliable provider is a primary thing to look for while purchasing sanitary ware. Only a renowned provider will distribute genuine company products at reasonable prices. You can contact our experienced staff to discuss the requirements and they will guide you in the best way to choose the bathroom accessories in UAE.

What are your purchasing terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions for purchasing the products are very flexible. You can consult regarding your requirements and our team will assist you in getting the whole information about the purchase of bathroom fittings in Dubai.

Fill in the quick form on our website to ask any questions about our services and we shall be glad to answer you.