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    Fluorescent Lamps, Halogen/ Incandescent Lamps, Hid Lamps, Ballasts/ Transformers And Control Gear, LEDs and Converters, Special Lamps etc.



We are among the preeminent lighting suppliers in Dubai for residential customers and business clients in the UAE. We carry a wide variety of lighting options for business locations and homes, including fluorescent lamps, LED pendant lights, incandescent/halogen lamps, and HID lamps. We strive to offer UAE customers quality products from top brands, such as Philips, Toshiba and Osram to name a few. This characteristic makes use more than just another lighting store Dubai based.

Lighting is an umbrella term that also refers to pieces of equipment that produce light inside a room. Lighting can be categorized according to its manufacturing technology, purpose and/or location. When it comes to technology, you can classify it as LED, fluorescent, HID, halogen and more. As for application, lighting fixtures can be classified as ambient, decorative and task lighting. With location as a criterion, it is classifiable as indoor and outdoor lighting. What differentiates us from your average brick and mortar lighting store Dubai is the fact that we deal in relatively more forms of lighting fixtures.

We have what it takes to light up your home, office, commercial space or industrial location. So, whether you are seeking a task lighting option like a table lamp, a decorative one like pendant lights, or an outdoor option such as HID lamps, we have got you covered.

What to Consider When Seeking the Best Lighting Supplier

There are numerous factors to think about when you search for one of the best lighting suppliers in Dubai city or elsewhere. As with lighting itself, the supplier quality can also vary considerably. This means it is not always easy to pick the right supplier for your lighting needs. Therefore, here, we will discuss some of the factors to contemplate for the best lighting suppliers in Dubai or anywhere else.

Quality Product Collection

When seeking an amazing supplier, ensure that they have a line of quality lighting products on offer for customers. Having the ability to pick from an array of lighting options will support different forms of goals as well as help address lighting-related issues in specific spots at a property. At Plaza, we work with an array of quality brands to help satisfy your different lighting needs. For instance, we carry several OSRAM lighting products for use in various applications. So, you might come across us when seeking one of the best Osram lighting distributors in Dubai city too.


One of the factors that usually influences the purchase decision-making process is the potential supplier location. It is especially important for clients that will have to place a bulk order or two. When placing it or any other order, you do not want to discover that it would take many weeks for it to reach your address. At Plaza, we have long been delivering products promptly to customers in the UAE through our lighting store Dubai based.

We believe we are a customer-centric organization. This means we put customers first and right at the heart of whatever we do, besides valuing them. This characteristic also requires us to keep a good stock of lighting products to enable the fastest delivery possible for UAE customers. As one of the finest Osram lighting distributors in Dubai, we know how important delivery is for customers.

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