Pneumatic Tool vs Electric Tools: Types and Features

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Both forms of tools are useable as part of construction work. So, these can also be regarded as part of a building materials supply. With the tool count in the market increasing, and growing sophistication narrowing performance gaps, it can be tricky to build a toolkit. The same would apply whether you are seeking tools to include in a building materials supply or an industrial kit. Different tool types have different advantages and disadvantages; choosing the right equipment for your job necessitates much background knowledge. Here, as a hardware tools Dubai based supplier, we will discuss what to consider when picking between the pneumatic- and electric-type products.


Construction work usually requires powerful tools. Cutting flawlessly through steel and machine-tightening bolts necessitate a baseline level of torque. If a tool cannot deliver the torque, it would be important to set aside every other consideration before working with a hardware tools Dubai supplier. Pneumatic tools can have a more powerful effect than the electric ones, but these facilitate power adjustment to a relatively greater precision level. This enables users to either scale up or scale down horsepower with greater reliability and ease.

Furthermore, power overloads are less likely to affect pneumatic tools as compared to their electric counterparts. This enables delivering stated power for extended periods of time without having to damage your tool’s motor. That said, there are more points to remember when seeking to work with one of the best building materials suppliers Dubai located.

Upfront Cost

If a particular tool is regarded as powerful enough, the next most pressing consideration would be whether or not it is affordable. Electric tools often come with lower upfront costs than their pneumatic counterparts. A standard pneumatic tool may be more affordable as compared to its standard electric counterpart. However, operating the former necessitates an air compressor, whereas the latter’s advertised retail price usually covers its cost. The same thing may be the case with regards to any of the electrical shops in Dubai as well.

Every pneumatic tool becomes useable after it builds out a strong system of air compression. However, as a business customer, you might have to divide the system’s cost among its tool set up to the time it is paid off. Now, let us discuss the other factors to consider before shopping from a supplier of hardware tools Dubai or anywhere else.


You should factor the maintenance needs of a tool into its total cost of ownership (TCO). Electric tools come with a measured duty cycle, which means these must be left unused periodically to prevent unsafe overheating that possibly leads to their premature failure. Electric tools that are often used may need to be replaced once per many months, which means you should add tool life to a comparison.

In contrast, pneumatic tools powered by compressed air are useable at 100% power around the clock. Similarly, a standard pneumatic tool requires servicing after 200 hours of its operation, whereas a standard electric tool necessitates servicing when its operational time is between 60 and 120 hours. So, also keep this factor in mind as you do business with a hardware tools Dubai vendor.

The Choice Is Usually Not Definite

Often, customers wonder which forms of tools should they buy. There is no definite decision in this regard mainly because different tools suit different circumstances and applications. So, be sure to consider both before you transact with a building materials suppliers Dubai based.

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