Kitchen Design Ideas: Which marble- granite is best for your kitchen?

Marble granite

Kitchen interiors need long- lasting & sturdy materials as it undergoes heavy cooking. The countertops and flooring should be done with durable yet trending materials to finish. You can choose either granite or marble for kitchen spaces, having many options in color, edge details, thickness and cost. They add beautiful textures to the kitchen with easy cleaning virtues, which creates a peaceful and urging environment to cook. Search for ‘ Marble Granite near me’ to find us and take a look at our best marble/ granite recommendations for kitchen countertops and flooring, which have worked right for many of our customers every time.

Top choices for kitchen marble countertops and flooring

Marbles are great choices for kitchens that come with a variety of choices in colors, textures and thickness. They are easy to maintain and long- lasting, with least fading even after a long term use. Your kitchen interiors get an exceptional charm if you add the beauty of marbles every time. Plaza Middle East building material shop, Dubai makes your choices easy with our standard quality products for construction.

  • Kitchen Marble Slab Design

They come in different designs and styles which attracts most of the customers. While choosing marble slabs, make sure to buy durable, sustainable, long- lasting & stain – resistant material. There are a lot of options in marble textures like the eye-catchy white marbles to multi- colored layouts which adds beauty to both normal and modular kitchens.

  • Kitchen Floor Marble Design

Floor designs reflect the whole interior space. So make sure to carefully select the kitchen marble styles as a modern concept. There are huge selections in kitchen floor marbles from traditional to trending modern. Water proof marble flooring can handle water without affecting the molding.

  • Modular Kitchen Design

Modular Kitchen needs durable and functional marble materials and designs with best looks. Modular concepts became popular than any traditional designs with a range of marble patterns that creates elegance and attraction to the kitchen. Modular kitchens simply look good with white marble styles but they are relatively a bit difficult to maintain without fading. Any ways with multi colored and designer marbles available on market, kitchen cum dining yards can become more attractive.

  • Kitchen Countertop Marble Design

Countertops are the busiest places for cooking and serving food items. Currently, open countertops are trending with no barrier between kitchen wall and the dining hall. You can make the round shaped kitchen counters with L- shaped kitchen marbles to accommodate more items on it. This modular set up includes counters, cabinets, floor designs, wall furnishings with same textured and colored marbles for countertops and floors can be more elegant to look.

Top Granite Countertop designs for Kitchen

Granites are equally popular along marbles with best selections on colors and styles. These are the top color varieties on granites which best suits to your kitchen.

• White galaxy Granite

White galaxy granites suits best for countertops, floors, exterior & interior walls for kitchen. They have white to cream granulites with many clear crystals of varied sizes and quarried reddish brown granite garnets on it.

• Imperial Red Granite

Imperial Red granites provides elegance for kitchen countertops, floors and walls with deep red grains and black, grey and white grain granite as the feature to look amazing. Variant sizes of 27” * 107” *2 cm and 27” *108” * 3 cm are available for countertops at reasonable prices.

• Green Pearl Granites

These granite types are perfect for kitchen interiors with non- slippery surface and smooth texture. The green pearl granite countertop sizes of 300 cm * 90 cm are available with 2-8 cm thickness.

• Black galaxy granite

Black galaxy granites/ MP Black granite are perfect attractions for kitchen interiors, walls and floors, available at 2 variant sizes of 27” * 108” * 2 cm and 27” * 108” * 3 cm.

Granite Marble Design for Kitchen

Granite marbles are a great option for kitchen renovations as there tends to be more opportunities in multi-dimensional renovations. From the traditional way of designing to more sophisticated and luxurious design concepts, kitchen interiors has changed, integrating elegance with utilizing every corner of the space. Granite Marbles gives a pleasant finish to kitchen countertops or floors along with durability and sustainability. They are available in many color themes such as white, grey, black and brown which add beauty to the kitchen interiors.

Whatever you choose to design your kitchen, the concepts and materials should blend with the interiors and moreover they should meet the criteria of style and comfort to you in every aspect. A professional interior designer assists you in creating concepts for modern and trending kitchens that integrates style, performance and durability on the materials and resources.

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