Difference between tank vs. tankless water heater


You should not do a hasty search for the general equipment fittings for your home. Especially for sanitary ware requirements, any one does a quick research for the best supplies and trustworthy sanitary ware suppliers in Dubai.

Choosing right bathroom fittings is indeed a challenging task. From flooring to cabinets, the materials should be durable, cost effective and of high quality. Water heaters are an essential equipment nowadays, among the bathroom fittings in Dubai and if a homeowner needs reliable hot water, he should consider the general equipment types of water heaters i.e tank water heaters or tankless water heaters. Whichever you choose, it should be specific to your household and hot water needs. Plaza middle East General Trading L.L.C as the best sanitary ware suppliers in Dubai discuss here the major differences in tank and tankless water heaters.

Tank water heaters

The most familiar water heaters in the Middle East, known to be the conventional type used in most of the houses for decades. Tank water heaters heats water and stores in the tank to use when needed. Typical tank water heaters have 30-50 gallons water storage capacity and are supplied as standard among bathroom fittings in Dubai. They operate in either gas or electricity. The main feature it holds is a tank water heater keeps water at desired temperatures all the time in the storage tank. But you should wait to replenish the hot water for some time if the stored water has ceased. Tank water heaters require enough space for installation and they are usually installed in basements, garages, utility closets or in bathrooms. Most of the Sanitary ware suppliers in Dubai supply tank water heaters and install them instantly at your house.

Tankless water heater

This is of course the newest technology in water heaters as they are said to be energy efficient. Like the name says, it requires no tanks to store hot water. Tankless water heaters do not heat water ahead of time but it works on the requisite time. It heats water at the time when the tap turns on, calling for hot water. Therefore tankless water heaters save energy than tank heaters. For this feature, they are called on- demand heaters as its does not do any pre- heating of water for storage. This too works on gas or electricity and requires less space for installation as it does not need any storage. They can be installed on walls of your garages or utility rooms easily and is one of the trends in bathroom fittings in Dubai.

What do you prefer? Tank or Tankless water heaters?

If we do a comparison on the initial cost of installation of these types, tankless heaters cost more on the first installation. Usually gas heaters cost more than electric heaters, a tankless water heater is expensive for equipment alone. Share your thoughts on installation charges of Ariston water heater in Dubai to get a better idea.

If you are an energy saver, better to buy a tankless heater from the nearest sanitary ware suppliers in Dubai. If you put away the Initial installation cost, a tankless heater saves operating costs and is an energy saving option. We recommend the Ariston water heater in Dubai for a best choice in energy conservation.

The equipment life of a tankless water heater is more than a traditional one. Tankless heaters last for 20-30 years and a guaranteed protection from water damage even of equipment failure.

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