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About Plaza Middleeast General Trading LLC

Founded in October 2011, Plaza Middle East General Trading LLC is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company. We operate a store for commercial and residential construction materials, plumbing solutions, lights, fixtures and other lifestyle products. We have one of the best electrical shops in Dubai too.

Our innovative line of kitchen and bathroom solutions include products from popular brands. We work with an array of manufacturers and vendors that let us deliver goods and services at unbeatable prices and quality. We believe that RAK Ceramics represents the best of what we have on offer for commercial, business and residential customers. Therefore, you might have reached this website after searching for RAK sanitary ware Dubai on Google too.

RAK Ceramics produces ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and kitchenware at factories in India, Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates. RAK is among the biggest lifestyle brands in the world, so we are proud to be associated with it as a kitchenware and sanitary ware supplier. The focus area for sanitary furniture and fittings has long been white colour, but sanitary ware trends are changing. RAK Ceramics has brought colour to its portfolio. This means with RAK Ceramics, you have a reasonable collection of non-white sanitary ware as well. Therefore, you might be seeking RAK sanitary ware Dubai for a pop of colour in your place of accommodation or business location in the UAE.

Grohe Ceramics is known for the creativity, design and quality it brings to all aspects of bathrooms. Drawing on the sanitary ware expertise of its parent company named LIXIL, Grohe offers superior style, durability and performance, making it easy to design your bath that fits together seamlessly. We have quite a collection of Grohe sanitary ware Dubai products. Grohe has all you may need to have a fun, functional bath that everyone in the family can enjoy, from different-sized washbasins to various toilets equipped with some of the most sophisticated technology. Therefore, Grohe sanitary ware Dubai items are popular among all sorts of customers.

Besides, we offer lighting products from some of the world’s leading brands, such as Philips and Toshiba to name two. We operate one of the best electrical shops in Dubai with lightings and fixtures of all types, whether it is indoor/outdoor or ambient/decorative/task lighting. Thanks to the vast variety of products available at our electrical shops Dubai, customers have often described us as a one-stop-shop destination for their various requirements. This means we have more products than what your standard brick and mortar lighting store Dubai might carry in stock.

We help interesting companies create and improve industry products and services through long lasting relationships.